On Sunday, we will be remembering Roe vs. Wade and the 40 years that abortion has been legal in the United States as we have Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Mike is going to talk about different ways that we can  participate in helping abortion to be unthinkable in our country.  Here are a few of the ways we will discuss:

Research:  It is important to first research the Scriptures and see what the Bible says about life and God as the Creator and authority.  Secondly, we should research more about who started abortion practices and what is currently going on.

Volunteer:  The Lowcountry Pregnancy Center is an excellent crisis pregnancy center that helps ladies who are contemplating abortion be able to see their baby on an ultrasound and see the life that lives inside them.

Give:  There are great organizations to give to like the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center or Heartbeat International.

Speak Up:  Use some of the links and quotes in the linked articles to put information on facebook or twitter.  For instance, Dr. Robert Thompson (a doctor in Pittsburgh) has performed 50,000 abortions…one man…at one clinic.  That is startling.  You can find that info in the Mohler Podcast and the Washington Post article linked above.

Adopt:  If we are going to say adoption is a good option, then Christians need to pray about adopting.  Here is an interview of Russell Moore to make us think about the importance of orphan care.