Our Partnership

We are a part of Sovereign Grace Churches and the Southern Baptist Convention to help us have an eye toward church planting. Both of these denominational families assist us in participating in church planting. On a local level, we were able to plant Radiant Church in 2017 through our partnership with the Charleston Baptist Association. On a regional and national level, we are often partnering with church plants (and church planters) through Sovereign Grace.

We share with other Sovereign Grace churches:

  • A passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • A vision to establish and support local churches
  • A commitment to our doctrinal distinctives
  • A desire to see our churches impact their communities with the gospel

As part of its commitment to equip and develop local churches, our family of Sovereign Grace Churches:

  • Provides support and accountability in church planting, ordination, and church judicial matters.
  • Creates resources (such as books, teaching, music, etc.)
  • Holds conferences (small group, worship, leadership, etc.)
  • Trains new leaders in their Pastors College