Risen Hope Church is a group of people transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. So we gather together as a community to treasure, apply and proclaim this good news corporately, in small groups, and in outreach opportunities.

Worship Gathering

First, we come together with grateful hearts to worship God and rejoice in the gospel. How can we not? He has changed our lives by His grace. So you can expect contemporary, passionate worship.

Second, we come together to encounter God through His Word in the Bible. We come to study and be studied by God’s revealed truth. So you can expect to encounter God with us through the preaching of God’s Word.

Third, we come together to encourage one another. We are a community of sinful people who have been changed by God’s grace. So you can expect to encounter people caring for each other through prayer, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and sharing our lives together.

Hope Kids

 Our children are a vital part of the church. We are committed to supporting families in raising their children. We equip parents through gospel-centered teaching and training as well as our Hope Kids time on Sunday mornings.

 In Hope Kids, we focus on creatively pointing the children to Jesus as we study God’s Word in age-appropriate and fun lessons. All Hope Kids volunteers are church members and receive a background check. Every child is securely checked in and out each week and sent home with crafts and lessons to review with their parents.

“Rooted” Youth Group

Our teens are the next generation to impact the world for Christ! The “Rooted” Youth & Parents Ministry helps youth to mature and supports parents discipling their teens in a relationship with God. We want our youth to have fun together, build godly friendships, reach out to other teenagers and ultimately grow closer to Jesus Christ. There are monthly meetings, regular activities and summer missions and service opportunities, and yearly youth and parents camp to participate in.

Community Groups

Community Groups are a context where we meet several times throughout the month to know each other better, apply God’s Word together, encourage one another, and carry out our mission to the community. Their size is usually about 10-20 people (both couples and singles). Community Groups are a relaxed atmosphere providing a perfect place to jump into building relationships.


Our desire as a church is not to be inward focused, but to be upward and outward focused. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to be a light of the gospel in the Lowcountry. We want to show love to others in personal, verbal, and practical ways to bring glory to Jesus Christ. We want to do this in a variety of ways—personally, in small groups, and as a church. 


Our church family has gathered with other local churches to “Celebrate the Multi-Ethnic Gospel Together” through beginning 1Charleston. We have done conferences, training sessions, prayer times, and joint worship services to help Charleston take steps toward racial reconciliation. Pastor Mike serves on the 1Charleston leadership team.

Church Planting

Risen Hope Church desires to be a church planting church. Radiant Church was our first church plant. They were sent out in February 2017 to North Charleston, SC. Radiant is led by Philip Pinckney, who was a Church Planting Resident at our church for 18 months.