One of the benefits of being a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM) is that we are not alone.  We have the benefit of others caring for us as a church, encouraging us toward the gospel mission, and holding us accountable to biblical doctrine.  There are many ways that we, as a church, connect to SGM, but one of the primary was is through our Mid-South Region.  Mickey Connolly is our Regional Leader and below you will find a post that SGM recently did about him.

Meet Our Regional Leaders

What local church do you pastor?

Crossway Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

How long have you been a pastor?

I’ve been a pastor for 29 years. I was a P.E. major in college and got saved later in life, when I was 28. I had an immediate desire for full-time Christian ministry, but I was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic church, so I had do idea what that would look like. At age 31, I began attending what is now Solid Rock Church in Riverdale, Maryland. I quickly became a small group leader and was identified as a candidate for pastoral ministry. I started as a full-time pastor in 1984.

How long have you been a part of Sovereign Grace?

26 years. Solid Rock Church was adopted into Sovereign Grace in 1987.

Which churches are in your region?

What is your vision for your region?

I want to support, encourage, and care for the elderships in our region as they lead their local churches. I also want to provide contexts where we can meet together to build relationally and to learn from one another. The elders in the region want to do some type of yearly conference (men, women, family, youth, etc.), and I will coordinate those. Finally, I want to provide a “face” for Sovereign Grace in the local churches in the region and help the members connect to the larger vision of Sovereign Grace.

What are the pastors in your region excited about?

I think our guys are most excited about doing conferences and getting times to meet together. Last October, Cornerstone Church in Knoxville held a men’s conference and invited all the regional churches. Almost all the churches in the region sent some men.

The best thing about Sovereign Grace churches is just knowing that you are not alone but have a “band of brothers” who truly care about you and want to serve you in whatever ways they can.