This morning my (Mike’s) 8 year old daughter was looking at the box of my ESV Study Bible.  She read the back of it and said, “Dad, a lot of your favorite people like this Bible!”  I said, “Who endorses it?”  She said, “John Piper, C.J. Mahaney, and Nancy Leigh DeMose.”  I said, “Yup, I like those people!”

I was thankful that my daughter knew the names of godly heroes in the faith.  I was also thankful that these names were not unfamiliar to her.  I pray that she spends much time reading the works of these three authors because she will love Jesus more because of their books.

Now, I’m sure that my daughter could have named other people that are my “favorite people” that fit more in the genre of sports , but I am thankful that she hears a love and affection from my wife and me about people like Piper, Mahaney, and DeMose.

So, I wonder…who are your heroes?  What would your children say?  They are probably more aware than you even think they are.  I found that out this morning.